Products and services


12 years of procuring for operators

As a distributor and supply chain partner we understand how making products available drives growth. We work with operators and manufacturers on device strategy and ranging to increase subscribers and ARPU.


End to end

Facey Telecom can manage your entire supply chain, from OEM procurement to putting devices in the hands of end users. We help prevent stock-outs at the point of sale as well as stock obsolescence.


Visibility through the use of technology

Facey Telecom can host and manage all elements of your logistics process, from receiving inventory to warehousing, inventory management, customized reporting, quality control and dispatch.


A seamless process

Fulfillment is a Facey Telecom specialty. We provide a seamless process for pairing SIMS and mobile devices, and enable the operator to track the lifecycle of the device on their network. For partners who require a high degree of customization, Facey Telecom offers custom fulfillment centers with teams dedicated to clients’ specific requirements.


Local people to help you reach your goals

To help your supply chain run smoothly, Facey Telecom ensures your products and materials are received accurately and stored securely in market. To achieve this, we operate rigorous processes, supported by our efficient internal systems and technology.


Any type of report with real-time data

We use both proprietary and third-party IT systems for reporting throughout the supply chain. To help you streamline your logistics processes, we give you the accountability and visibility you need.


An efficient, industry-standard process

We offer the opportunity to improve competitiveness and profitability by re-introducing returned products into sales or manufacturing channels. We train and work with retailers to provide an efficient, industry standard/compliant, reverse logistics process.


Developing new sales channels in new markets in record time

With our local operations and relationships we have a unique ability to open up new channels for operators and OEMs. As a result we have developed new sales channels in new markets in record time.


We can customize virtually any mobile device

Facey Telecom’s core competencies include assembly, light manufacturing and software flashing of mobile devices. We are experienced in transforming products in a wide variety of ways. These range from bespoke packaging and insertion of welcome documents, to electronic configuration (e.g. start-up screens, wallpapers and network locking).


The latest printing and data management equipment and data centers

At Facey Telecom we understand the importance of data management and confidentiality in our clients’ success. We are experienced in working with confidential data, and have state-of-the-art printing and data management equipment and data centers. That is why one of Central America’s leading mobile operators trusts us with its data, and uses us to print its customer statements and invoices for this region.


Inventory financing for operators, and credit for dealers and retail networks 

If you are an operator, we can remove inventory from your balance sheet so you are free to focus on your core products and services. Since Facey Telecom is a distributor and logistics provider for operators, we can also extend credit to dealer networks, thereby boosting the flow of products into the supply chain and helping increase sales.


A track record of successfully running mobile device retail stores

Leading mobile operators use Facey Telecom to manage their retail outlets throughout Latin America and the Pacific. We provide all services, including a seamless operator administration process with post-paid and pre-paid sign ups, sale of internet services, cable boxes and accessories.


Successfully opening new markets and sales channels for operators & OEMs

Over the years, Facey Telecom has developed 35 new international markets. Our service includes setting up a complete infrastructure to support operators and OEMs, opening logistics centers and offices, recruitment of staff and developing key retail relationships. Most importantly, we find ‘every nook and cranny’ of the market to get your product into.


The most trusted distributor of airtime in our territories

Facey Telecom is the only mobile services distributor that distributes airtime in the regions where we operate. Our sales channels enable operators, service providers, distributors, merchants and retailers to offer prepaid products.


Be closer to your customers

Leading mobile manufacturers use our warehouse facilities to store their products. This way stock can be closer to customers. OEMs can deal effectively with stock inconsistencies in the channel and react promptly to spikes in operator demand for products.



Get discounts on flash sales, stock obsolescence lots and more

Facey Telecom has a trading team who source phones on the open market. Frequently these are available with attractive discounts.


Experts in local marketing and merchandising

Facey Telecom has local teams who can execute complete marketing campaigns for building your brand. In addition we are experienced in helping international brands with merchandising.